wilderness first aid kit

Wilderness First Aid Kit

Updated on 27-01-2017

List of items to assemble your wilderness first aid kit


  1. Latex Gloves x3 pairs (Body Substance Isolation)
  2. Sandwich Bags x2 (Double bagging, Disposal of waste)
  3. CPR Face Shield (YouTube: CPR demo)
  4. Scissors x1
  5. Duct Tape x1(roll on a piece of plastic card)
  6. Water Bottle Cap with Punctured Hole x1 (wound flushing)
  7. Non-Woven Swabs x5 stashes (Example size 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)
  8. Unisept x5 stashes (antiseptic)
  9. Wound Dressing x2 (Example No. 14)
  10. Gauze Bandage x2 rolls (Example 3″x6″ yards)
  11. SAM Splint (Example Forearm, Ankle, Neck, others)
  12. Thermo Blanket x1 (Example 210cm x160cm)
  13. Sugar x2 stashes (low blood sugar)
  14. Salt x2 stashes (minerals, rehydration)
  15. Glow Stick/Torch x1 (signaling)
  16. Whistle x1 (signaling)
  17. First Aid Report Form Example
  18. Pen and Marker

Wilderness First Aid Training

For wilderness first aid training in Hong Kong, please refer to Accident & Emergency Training Centre, Hospital Authority

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