tips for thesis presentation

5 Tips for Better Thesis Presentation

Just came back from the final round of thesis presentation. It was a full day almost non-stop listening to students’ presentation on what they do and what to expect by the time they submit their reports few weeks from now. I like seminars like this that makes me feels like I am Ryu fighting his enemies in Street Fighter. So after …

thesis development

Mentoring Student’s Thesis

Just came back from another round of tutorial in thesis development. Have that eureka moment on how we could help student in developing their thesis, could look like this: Stage I – Let Their Minds Run Free –  I don’t intervene much at this early stage of development. It is after all, students’ thesis, not mine! More importantly, is to pay attention to students’ aspiration …

21st Century classroom, Teachers and Students

Knowledge is Like Coffee – Thoughts on Being a Teacher

Recently, I am having teachers training at HKU SPACE. It is a series of lectures teaching us how to prepare our classes. They are intended to prepare us to adapt better with technology and social media were unseen in classroom environment even just few years ago. Here’s a clip might better explain how classroom and learning have changed: 21st Century …