commencement speech 2014

Review: Commencement Speech 2014

Here are some of the best Commencement Speech of 2014:

Find Courage to Change the World – Admiral William H. McRaven

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed

Admiral William H. McRaven (Full Text) talked about his life after graduation, especially about his training in the special forces, the Naval SEAL. He shared how graduates could follow the University slogan to change the world from his experience and what challenges ahead that one might encounter.

I find his commencement speech especially inspiring because Admiral McRaven was explaining how life could be rough at times, it’s all okay and one should not quite easily. After working for more than a few years after graduations, I do find a lot of wisdom in what he said and gladly to know that it will be all fine in the end.

Ditch the Dream and Be a Doer, Not a Dreamer – Shonda Rhimes

 Dreamers often end up living in the basements of relatives, FYI.

Shonda Rhimes (Full Text) commencement speech was about her transformation from being a dreamer to becoming a doer after graduation. She shared how she figured out how work life is so different from school life even graduated no matter she came from a very prestigious college.

I like Shonda’s speech that being really down to earth. Being the fact that getting into university is indeed very hard and being educated to dream big, it is very often that we derailed from reality, ie., our career life after graduation. Shonda’s speech is a wake up call for people who are still in their dreams of imaginations.

Lean In, Speak Out – Sheryl Sandberg

 There is no straight path from your seat today to where you are going – Don’t try to draw that line

In Sheryl Sandberg commencement speech, she shared her memories of her time at Harvard and how she think graduates should always keep an open mind to opportunities. She also talked about the world we are living in are still full of inequality and one should not think the world will be fairer without addressing it.

Being a gender equality activist, Sheryl’s speech is full of hope and energy that we will live in a better world when discrimination of all forms are no longer exist in our society. Her speech was both reassuring that it’s okay for graduates to spend time to find the right career and meanwhile, pressing graduates to think more on inequality.

Bonus – David Attenborough

I just came across this one. Will let you watch it and see your comments below okay?