My Recent Interest in (Video+Blog)=Vlog

As title.

When the word Video and Blog combined together, you have the word Vlog. Very much so, is a journal in the form of video. In mathematic expression, it is (Video+Blog)=Vlog

I find Vlog very interesting is because it is not difficult to make, just the camera in your pocket and iMovie for post production. In many ways people are more willing to watch videos than words too.

Here are some of the Vlogs that I made in the past month, I am trying to make a Vlog every week.

  • First Vlog – MTR Journey

    My first try in making a Vlog, describing my MTR journey from Yuen Long to Admarality.

  • Vlog #2 – Hong Kong Wetland Part

    The sky has been pouring for the whole week and thought might not be a good idea to Vlog about the wetland park. Turns out it was better than I would have thought.

  • Vlog #3 – HKWC Book Reading

    Blog about my friend Lom she was here in Hong Kong to promote her book Visa, Stickers and Other Matters of the Soul, you should check it out too!

  • Vlog #4 – Vlog #04 – Our Story – NTU Forestry (Silviculture)

    I was backing up my photos these days and found some clips of my university years in Taiwan. So I just edit some of those together and make a video of it. Good Memories!

  • Vlog #5 – The Sounds of Hong Kong

    How would you describe a city with sounds? That’s how I started videos and edit it up to two minutes. This is one of the most difficult one but I learnt alot in handling videos like these. The story telling skills might not fully expressed in this video but sure will morph into future vlogs.

So that’s about it, hope you enjoy!

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