Revealed: MDC Toastmasters Club (Hong Kong)

What is Toastmasters and Experience our meeting atmosphere here (September 2015)

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For many years, our club name MDC Toastmasters Club is the most colourfully interpreted name that I ever experienced since joining. It can either be “Matching and Dating Club”, “Male-Dominated Club”, “Most Distinguished (Disgusted) Club” and the list goes on. Here’s my review of the club that I joined for fours years and why this club worth for a visit.

Management Development Centre Toastmasters Club (MDC)

The Management Development Centre Toastmasters Club (MDC) was chartered as a public club in 1999. It was originally formed as an interest group under the then Management Developement Centre of Hong Kong, a subvented organization of the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong (you can still find its library catalog here). The club meets on every 2nd and 4th Thursday evening in Wan Chai, currently at the Duke of Windsor Social Services Building.

Toastmasters is a public speaking club and for MDC Toastmasters Club, we have some 30 members and 10 of them already spoke more than 10 seven-minute prepared speeches and have been accredited as Competent Communicator (CC) and 5 members have been accredited as Competent Leader (CL) from taking up meeting roles or being leaders of the club. MDC Toastmasters Club is also by far one of the most multi-national club in Hong Kong with members from 5 nations and from all walks of life! You can find more information about the certification system here.

Our current President Cecilia Li, a speech champion, won not only contest within her club, but also at the Area (inter-Club) and Division (inter-Area) level. Together with her 7-member committee team, MDC Toastmasters Club is currently one of the most striving club in Hong Kong that take pride in providing a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere for speakers of all levels.

Other speech contest winners like Arthur Ting, Lilan Ng, Matt Steele, Agnes Lo and our latest champion PH Ong (see video below) are some of the very seasoned Toastmasters whom you can chat with during our club meetings. They not only strived for the best but also constantly look for ways to improve and motivate other members by providing active feedback and taking up roles as mentors and speech evaluators. The success of meetings is not possible without great organizing efforts behind the scenes. We currently have Carly Lui (Vice President of Education) who takes care of club meeting arrangements, and fulfilling members’ personal goals for certifications.


[In MDC Toastmasters Club] being a speaker is just like chatting with her/his audience.

First and foremost, MDC Toastmasters Club is currently in its renaissance of grooming contest winners, over and over again. Recent Area contest winner PH Ong’s speech “Upside Down” is a big pack of sandwich full of laughters and tears on how to take charge of our work/life balance that no one should miss.

Members are fast grasping this level of delivery skills and seems clear we have found the winning formula for everyone to understand and apply it to their own ideas. I am sure visiting MDC Toastmasters Club would be both entertaining and inspirational.

Since chartered, MDC Toastmasters Club has been proficient in providing a highly vibrant atmosphere for beginners and intermediate speakers to get the fun out of public speaking. Many people feel small and fragile from being hauled by the stage fear of being stared by her/his audience. In MDC, we turned around the situation by demonstrating that being a speaker is just like chatting with her/his audience. Most importantly, view from the stage is one of the best place that could only be experienced by standing there, looking comfortably and firmly into the eyes of the audience. This signals the end of one’s stage fear and the beginning of a new chapter in your public speaking journey.

If you are looking for a club to have a good understanding of public speaking, a club that provides you with vibrant support from members, a club that builds your sense of humor (oh, we love jokes, who does not?), a club that fosters fellowship and friendship throughout your public speaking journey,  then MDC Toastmasters Club is the club for you!

Name: MDC Toastmasters Club (MDC stands for Management Development Centre)
Address: 10/F Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Rd, HK (Map)
Meeting Time: 7:00 pm, 2nd & 4th Thursday
Fees: Free of Charge (entitle for three visits), welcome for walk-in
Membership: HKD 1,250/year

Meeting Atmosphere: Warm and Cosy
No. of Speech in each meeting: 3
No. of Table Topics Questions: 5
Speech Values: 4/5
Speakers Level: 4/5
Hospitality: 4/5
English Level: 4/5
Dinner Place after the meeting: 喜萬年酒樓 , Chinese (Cantonese) Cuisine

Royce is the award winning, past Governor of Area H2 (District 89) and past President of the MDC Toastmasters Club. He started his Toastmasters journey with the Vienna Toastmasters Club, Austria in 2007 and enjoys public speaking ever since. He places great emphasis on meeting experiences and members development for speech deliveries. He applies his public speaking skills in his work for wildlife conservations and makes killer presentation slides to convey his ideas. He has been accredited as a Competent Communicator (CC) and has accomplished the level of Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) titles. You can find more information in his blog.

Heartfelt thanks to Toastmasters Patricia Lai, Cecilia Li and PH Ong for reading my early script and providing feedback! Photo by Cecilia Li.