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Thank you once again for purchasing my book, hope you enjoyed and start hiking already!
Here’s beyond what the book already covered. Just in case, if you happened bumped into this page please refer to –
MacLehose Trail for City Hikers in Hong Kong

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Here are all the videos I made during hiking of all trails (Minus the BONUS video in the book, hope you already laughed hard :D), I also mapped the routes and tracked my timing in Runkeeper. As alway, these are for your references in planning your trip, please be safe and stay alert for your safety!

Stage 1
High Island Reservoir
Route in Runkeeper
16km, 5 hours 35 minutes
Stage 2
Ham Tin Wan
Route in Runkeeper
14km, 4 hours 40 minutes
Stage 3
Kai Kung Shan
Route in Runkeeper
9km, 4 hours 15 minutes
Stage 4
Ngong Ping
Route in Runkeeper
14km, 5 hours 10 minutes
Stage 5
Lion Rock
Route in Runkeeper
11km, 4hours
Stage 6
Kowloon Reservoir
Route in Runkeeper
4.2km 2hours
Stage 7
Needle Hill
Route in Runkeeper
6.5km, 3 hours 25 minutes
Stage 8
Tai Mo Shan
Route in Runkeeper
9.6km, 4 hours
Stage 9
Tai Lam Country Park
Route in Runkeeper
6.3km, 2 hours 30 minutes
Stage 10
Tai Lam Chung Reservoir
Route in Runkeeper
15km, 5 hours



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