MacLehose Trail, Stage 8

MacLehose Trail Section 8 – Tai Mo Shan

  • Tai Mo Shan (957m), highest peak of Hong Kong
  • Views of Tsuen Wan, Tsing Yi and Lantau Island
  • Views of Man Wan Channel, Rambler Channel and Kap Shui Mui which leads ships to the famous Victoria Harbour

Section 8 is all about Tai Mo Shan. It is the highest peak of Hong Kong with an elevation of 957m. There are radar installations at the peak of Tai Mo Shan.

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Twisk Management Centre

Start from the Twisk Management Centre. The first two kilometres is all about hiking up and there are well-paved stone steps along the way. Do take a rest from time to time. After conquering these steps, you will soon arrive at Tai Mo Shan Country Visitor Centre. During my hike, I passed on that because a lack of time, but it’s really not a bad idea to spend some time there. Be careful though, if you find yourself walking on a concrete road after passing the visitor centre, you are walking on the wrong path. Turn back and look for the MacLehose Trail signs.

Ascending to Tai Mo Shan

You will soon find yourself standing in front of a guard post at M152. Passing the guard post you will walk along the service road that will lead you up to Tai Mo Shan (957m), the highest peak of Hong Kong. You will see two radar installations and some antennas at the tip of the hill. Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery, you should be able to see two suspended bridges (that’s Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge), container terminal (Kwai Tsing Container Terminals), a small island (Tsing Yi) and a much bigger one (Lantau Island).

After arriving at the main gate of the radar station, turn right and you will soon find yourself surrounded by nature again. Do be aware of the cow droppings that are everywhere so do mind your steps for what Cantonese would described as “landmines’.

Lead Mind Pass

From M140, you will see stone steps once again and begin to descend. As always, be careful of slippery rock surfaces and don’t fall.

Utility gloves will come in handy which I regretted not bringing. Utility gloves are great for hiking too as they can double as gloves for cold weather. The temperature seldomly falls below 10°C in Hong Kong. The descend will be around 1km to 1.5km in length and will arrive at Lead Min Pass with picnic tables, flush toilets, a campsite and barbecue facilities. And surprise, surprise — dust bins! How could one not love the convenience of hiking in Hong Kong?


I like Section 8. Here, you will get the most pleasing view from the highest point of Hong Kong with an enjoyable hike on the ridge of Tai Mo Shan. The beginning and the end would be bit rough because of the steps that seem endless. To tackle these stairs and the rather rocky terrain, I would opt for gloves than hiking sticks for these sections. Since I strapped my hiking sticks on my backpack the time and didn’t used it, perhaps gloves is the better option.


  • Distance: 9.7km
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
  • Elevation: 400m/957m (min/max)
  • Pole No.: M156 to M13


  • Getting In: Bus no. 51 from Tsuen Wan West Station or Tsuen Wan Station, bus scheduled hourly, do check ahead of time. Alight at Country Park.
  • Getting Out: At Lead Mind Pass, hike along Wilson trail for 2km down and take the 23K Green Minibus to Tai Po Market MTR Station.




Beginning of Stage 8

View from Tai Mo Shan

Cheering team!

Tai Mo Shan

Hiking up to the Radar Station

Radar Station of Tai Mo Shan

The fence is for the Radar Station

Another view hiking along the ridge

Landscape on the ridge of the hills

Final trail led to Lead Mine Pass

Finishing Point of Stage 8