MacLehose Trail Stage 3

MacLehose Trail Section 3 – The Hills

  • Hilly Landscape, hiking along five hills
  • Seas of Three Fathoms Cove and Sai Kung Hoi
  • Campsite at Cheung Sheung village

Section 3 has the most hilly landscape of all 10 sections of the MacLehose Trail. This implies two things: 1) An extravagant scenery of hills and peaks and 2) Frequent descend and ascend along the trail.

I started at Shui Long Wo which can be easily reached by bus no. 299x from Shatin Central. There are benches for picnic, barbecue pits, vending machines and flush toilets. Getting close to the nature, Hong Kong style!

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Kai Kung Shan (399m)

It all starts with what would seem like endless stone steps from Shui Long Wo before reaching the first peak – Kai Kung Shan (399m). From there you will able to see the hills and the trails ahead of your journey. This is a superb vantage point to see the coast of the Three Fathoms Cove (Kei Ling Ha Hoi) and Sai Kung Hoi, these seas form the choking point of Sai Kung.

From Kai Kung Shan there is plenty of ascend and descend before arriving at Lui Ta Shek Shan (379m) and Wa Mei Shan (391m). This part is physically demanding, considering the change in elevation could be as much as 250m, hiking up and down.

Cheung Sheung Village

After descending from Wa Mei Shan you will soon arrive at Cheung Sheung Village with the village notice board just next to the trail. You will also see a yellow banner saying that they sell all kinds of beverages and tofu pudding. Cheung Sheung is also a great location for camping, it is one of the designated location with barbecue pits and mobile toilets.

Ngau Yee Shek Shan (425m)

After Cheung Sheung village, you will pass by two more hills, ie. the Ngam Tau Shan (452m) and Ngau Yee Shek Shan (425m). Bear in mind that the trail from here on is much more open without vegetation cover and the road can be pretty rocky. From the landscape, it would look like there was substantial mud slide and forest fire not too long ago. There are newly-paved stone steps which helps a bit to get up and down the hills but it is still physically demanding nonetheless.

Ngau Yee Shek Shan is another great vantage point for a panoramic view. You should be able to see the hills you just hiked along. From this point on will be endless stone steps that bring you down to Pak Tam Au, the finishing point of Section 3. From there, you can take buses no. 94 or no. 96R to Sai Kung town centre. Do be prepared that these buses are infrequent.


Rather frequent descend and ascend along the trail, more than any other sections, and physically demanding. Will be hiking on the ridge most of the time and therefore exposed to all kinds of weather. Do check for the weather when you consider this section in particular. It will be rather difficult to find shelter.

Kai Kung Shan has the best view of all and it is pretty fascinating to be surrounded by nature without seeing even one building that is not too far away. If you are into camping, this could be a great trail considering that there is a campsite at Cheung Sheung Village.

Transport is one of the easiest, with bus stops on both ends.

Names of the Hills

  • Kai Kung Shan (399m): ‘Rooster’s Head Hill’  (雞公山)
  • Lui Ta Shek Shan (379m): ‘Thunder Strikes Rocky Hill’ (雷打石山)
  • Wa Mei Shan (391m): ‘Eye Brow Drawing Hill’ (畫眉山)
  • Ngam Tau Shan (452m): ‘Tip of the Rock Hill’ (岩頭山)
  • Ngau Yee Shek Shan (425m): ‘Cow’s Ear Stone Hill’ (牛耳石山)


  • Distance: 10.2km
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Elevation: 80m to 452m (min/max)
  • Pole No.: M068 to M049


  • Getting In: Bus no. 299x from Shatin central to Sai Kung and alight at Shui Long Wo.
  • Getting Out: From Pak Tam Au take bus no. 94 or bus no. 96R towards Sai Kung.





Panoramic view from Ngau Yee She Shan (400m)

Ngau Yee Shek Shan (Cow's Ear Stone Hill) to Pak Tam Au

Ngau Yee Shek Shan towards Pak Tam Au

Cheung Sheung Village

Cheung Sheung Village

MacLehose Trail, Stage 3

MacLehose Trail, Stage 3

View from Kai Kung Shan

View from Kai Kung Shan