MacLehose Trail Stage 2 cover

MacLehose Trail Section 2 – Ham Tin Wan

  • A very nice view of Sharp Peak (468m)
  • Plenty of camping location next to the beach
  • Coastal line of Sai Kung, especially at Ham Tin Wan

Section 2 is all about admiring the coastal line of Sai Kung. There are plenty of beaches with fine sand, wetlands, and rivers that are very well-conserved. Hiking is not particularly difficult, with very well-paved concrete paths leading from start to finish. Transport would be a bit of a concern and do read below for information on getting in and out of the trail. For this trip, I hiked 10 of the 13km to detour for public transport. Let’s get started!

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Ham Tin Wan

Bus no. 94 from Sai Kung Bus Terminus will take you to Pak Tam Au, the entrance of Section 2. Hiking from there, you will soon arrive at Chek Keng Village in just shy of 2km. You will see the first coastal line, Chek Keng Hau, which is tugged deeply in between the hills. It is very nice and quiet here with a number of piers that are great for taking photos at the tip of it.

After that, you will hike along the trail and unmistakably see a rather tall “mountain” ahead of you, that’s Sharp Peak (468m), one of the very famous hills in Hong Kong.

After passing by a few more villages, Tai Long, Cheung Uk Wai and Lung Mei Tau, you will arrive at Ham Tin Wan, one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong! It is a rather long stretch of beach with very fine sand. I particularly like the sound of the waves and can’t help but spend much of my time there to relax. It is also a great location for camping with water and toilet facilities run by the country park. There is even a store selling food and beverages too, of course, it is a bit pricey. After Ham Tin Wan, the trail will bring you to Sai Wan beach which is smaller but just as beautiful as Ham Tin Wan.

Detour for Public Transport

After Sai Wan, I like to hike up to Chui Tung Au (shortly after M030) and not to carry on for the rest of this section. This is because there is no public Transport after arriving at the finishing point at Long Ke Wan (M020). I cover the distance between Chui Tung Au and Long Ke Wan in Section 1.

From Chui Tung Au, I follow the sign and arrive at Sai Wan Pavilion. I walk along the Sai Kung Sai Wan Road until Pak Tam Chung for bus no. 94, which is long and boring. Alternatively, you can call for a taxi. If you don’t have any numbers for taxi, just do a bit of treasure hunting at Sai Wan Pavilion for stickers with taxi numbers on them or use a taxi app. Phone signal could be patchy, and you might need to walk back and forth for it.


It is a fairly pleasurable hike, the path is very well paved. You will get busy looking at all the very nice scenery from hills to sea. You will have a sense of how Hong Kong was like before becoming over-populated with people and infrastructure that changed its natural landscapes. There are rivers, wetlands, and beaches that are very well-conserved.

There are plenty of great locations for camping maintained by the country park. Although it is not along the trail, Sharp Peak is highly recommended place to go for a climb when you are prepared.

For Section 2, my only concern is Transport. Unless you plan to walk until the end of Section 1, which is 10.6km and can easily take you another 3 hours to complete. A short detour from Chui Tung Au arriving at Sai Wan Pavilion for the taxi back to Sai Kung town would be a much better alternative. Phone signal could be patchy and you might need to walk back and forth for it.

Something about Sharp Peak (468m)


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Sharp Peak is being famous because of its steepness towards the peak — for which you will basically need to claw all the way up. I climbed up Sharp Peak during midnight once for mountain craft training and was glad that it was pitch black — for hiking during day time can be kind of scary looking down below. To get to Sharp Peak, you will need to take a detour at M040. Do take precautions because it can be DANGEROUS and please do go in groups with experienced hikers. Study the map and bring appropriate gears, such as gloves.


  • Distance: 11.5km
  • Duration: 4hours
  • Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
  • Elevation: 0 to 200 (min/max)
  • Pole No.: M048 to M030


  • Getting In: From Sai Kung Bus Terminus take bus no. 94 to Pak Tam Au. In addition, on public holidays, take bus no. 96R from Diamond Hill MTR Station.
  • Getting Out: Detour from Chui Tung Au to Sai Wan Pavilion, call a taxi to Sai Kung town centre. In the time of writing, taxi fare is around HKD 90.




Entrance at Pak Tam Au

Entrance at Pak Tam Au

Chek Kang Village

Chek Kang Village

Well-paved path to Ham Tin Wan

Well-paved path to Ham Tin Wan

Ham Tin Wan

Ham Tin Wan

Sharp Peak

Sharp Peak