MacLehose Trail, Stage 10

MacLehose Trail Section 10 – Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

  • Tai Lam Chung Reservoir
  • Suitable for jogging along the service road
  • Sweet Gum Tree (Liquidambar formosana) plantation at M178, with red leaves during winter

Section 10 is the longest trail of all sections. Although it is 15.6km in length, it is also considered the easiest one, considering that it consists largely of service roads. Do be aware that this trail is not the same as the one used in the Oxfam trail competition, which now ends at Tai Tong, Yuen Long.

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From Tuen Mun

We started from Tuen Mun and walked towards Tin Fu Tsia, which is the “original” MacLehose Trail. Nowadays, the finishing line of the Oxfam Trailwalker will end in Yuen Long instead of Tuen Mun.

Many parts of the trails are service roads that are is very well-paved, flat and easy to walk on. The first six kilometres, ie. between M200 to M187 are very close to the “city” where the residential buildings of Tuen Mun are not far from sight. The newly opened Harrow International School Hong Kong can be spotted easily along the trail, and the building itself is massive.

Kat Hing Bridge

Starting from M187, things start to get more interesting. From here, you will see Tai Lam Chung Reservoir and begin to ascend 200m up and hike for about 2.5km on dirt road along the reservoir. You will see concrete road once again that will lead you to Kat Hin Bridge (M174). There is a very nice picnic area at Kat Hin Bridge and from here onwards, the road can be busy with mountain bikers, do take note on that. You can also consider leaving this trail slightly before Kat Hing Bridge at M175, hike towards Tai Tong, (7.7km/2.5 hours/easy) and get back to the city centre by bus no. K66. Remember that there will be no easy way to get public Transport at the end of Section 10 until Section 9 at Tsuen Kam Au. Section 10 will end without much fanfare at Tin Fu Tsai, no signboards whatsoever.


This section is suitable for jogging or cross country training, considering how there is 6 to 7km of service road and is easy to reach by public Transport at Tuen Mun. It is also great for beginners to get familiar with hiking and checking how much water, snacks, and gears they need for hiking. Do beware of bikers when you are approaching Kat Hing Bridge.

In recent years, this trail at M178 became extremely famous because of the leaves of Sweet Gum Trees (Liquidambar formosana) that turn red during autumn and winter (November to February). These trees were planted along the trail and it is quite a scenery with the whole area of red leave trees. To me, these trees are pleasurable to look at too during early spring when the new leaves were grown with an apple green color. Check out the news around Chinese New Year and you will see how busy this section will be, or, why not try to experience it yourself?


  • Distance: 15.6km
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Elevation: 10m/240m (min/max)
  • Pole No.: M200 to M168


  • Getting In: Exit A of Tuen Mun MTR Station, walk along Pui To Road towards Castle Peak Road, cross the road and look for the country park signboard, follow the direction.
  • Getting Out: Leave the trail at M178 or M174 to Tai Tong. The distance will be 7.7km, will need 2.5 hours to finish and is fairly easy to hike. At Tai Tong, take bus no. K66 to Long Ping MTR Station.



Beware of Bikers Sign

Beware of Bikers Sign

Plantation of Sweet Gum (Liquidambar formosan), they attach massive amount of people coming here for their red leaves in winter (10 km)

Plantation of Sweet Gum (Liquidambar formosan), attract massive amount of people in winter for the red leaves.

Fancy Staircase for Hikers

Fancy staircase for hikers

At 8.3km pick the dirt road, we missed that at first

Do pick the dirt road after the 8th km, we missed the turn at first

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

Harrow International School Hong Kong

Harrow International School Hong Kong