knots for climbing

Knots for Rock Climbing

Some of the knots that are useful for rock climbing.

Reef Knot (Square Knot)

Comes in handy when you need to bundle things together with a rope. While it is also commonly used for extending the length of a rope, it is not recommended as the knot could be unstable.

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Figure-Eight Knot

This knot is used for stopping the rope from coming out of a piece of device or equipment attached to it, such as the climbing harness. It is very often followed by tying it into a Figure-Eight Double (see the next video) for extra strength to bear the weight.

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Figure-Eight Double Knot

Comes in handy when making a loop for attaching a device, e.g. a carabiner. Once the knot is tied, don’t forget to tied a double overhand knot on the loose end to  secure the knot. Here’s one application:

Figure Eight Double, don't forget double overhand knot at the end of it #figureeightdouble #gingham

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Double Fishermen’s Knot

It is used to make the Prusik Loop in attaching the loop between the harness and another rope system for safety. It also comes in handy to adjust the length for bracelet and necklace too!

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Clover Hitch

It is used for attaching a rope to a belay anchor and still being able to adjust its length without untying the knot to do so. It is recommended to tie a double figure-eight loop to attach on top of the clover hitch for extra safety.

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 Screw Lock Carabiner (EN362), 1.2 m length Cord (EN564) and Sewn-Sling (EN566)

A combination of ropes and carabiner for emergency climbing, to attach your body to another rope system for safety .

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