iMovie Trailer, iOS App (2013) [Updated]

Here’s a simple demo of an iPhone iMovie App [$4.99] could do. iMovie Trailer are sets of pre-organised, “Movie-Trailer-like” clips for “shot-and-edit-right-away”. In an iMovie Trailer theme, there are placeholders for what you need to shot, such as “close ups”, “landscapes”, “actions” and for how long, usually few seconds only in making up a short 1 iMovie Trailer.

I used the “Coming of Age” theme which showed off a kid’s college graduation day and flashbacks of his childhood photos and videos. The video is 1 minute and 3 seconds long with altogether 13 shots and 5 photos needed. The longest video needed to take was only 4.3 seconds (average is about 1 to 2 seconds) and 9 oneliner in story telling, that’s it!

The layout of the App is simple to follow and you can shot the required video right inside this App. When you done, there are options on where you want to publish – Vimeo, in my case.

So here it is, there are 12 theme you could choose from  and some examples and ideas can be found here.

Visit my Vimeo channel here.

Update: Here’s another example “Retro”

Update: Here’s another example “Expedition”