Toastmasters London Morning

Eat Toastmasters for Breakfast in London

Forget about toast and coffee, go for Toastmasters in the morning to freshen up your mind! In London, there are three clubs for you to choose, they are the Berkeley Square Speakers (Facebook), Early Bird Speakers (Facebook) and Covent Garden Speakers (Facebook).

Here are the details:

Berkeley Square Speakers

Berkeley Square Speakers: They meet at 07:30 a.m. on every 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays at The Lansdowne Club near Green Park Station (Map). Of the three clubs, Berkeley Square Speakers has the shortest meeting duration that finish at 08:45 a.m., roughly 1 hour 15 mins. On my day of visit in June, they have three prepared speeches and four table topics. The meeting atmosphere is professional and very efficient with time, guess that’s because everyone will off to work right after the meeting. Some members would go for breakfast together at the nearby Pret A Manger after meeting adjourned.

You can find their upcoming meeting from their calendar for walk-in or write to them ahead of time for visits.

Early Bird SpeakersEarly Bird Speakers: They meet at 07:10 a.m. on every Thursday at the Freemasons’ Hall near Covent Garden Station (Map). Due to security reason, it’s preferable to arrange ahead of time for your visit and you can find the request form in their website. While Toastmasters only rent the venue for meeting, the building itself is a declared heritage and the meeting place, the Lodge Room 17, is impressive with a historical touch (more about the building and the Freemasonry). There are benches on both sides and seats in the middle, giving the speaker a 270 degree of speech angle!

Early Bird Speakers runs the meeting for 1 hour and 30 minutes long with three speeches, six table topics, a mini-Workshop and even interview speakers on how they prepared their speeches! Meeting atmosphere is professional and full of energy!  After the meeting adjourned, they would go for breakfast at the nearby Patisserie Valerie.

Covent Garden Speakers: They meet at 7:10 a.m. on every 1st, 3rd, 5th Tuesday at the same location, that is the Freemasons’ Hall near Covent Garden Station (Map). Same as the Early Bird Speakers, you will need to arrange ahead of time for your visits due to security reason from the building, you can find more information in this link. Haven’t had a chance to visit the club yet, maybe anyone would like to share your experience below?

Royce is the award winning, past Governor of Area H2 (District 89) and past President of the MDC Toastmasters Club. He started his Toastmasters journey with the Vienna Toastmasters Club (551, District 59), Austria in 2007 and enjoys public speaking ever since. He places great emphasis on meeting experiences and members development for speech deliveries. He applies his public speaking skills in his work for wildlife conservations and makes killer presentation slides to convey his ideas. He has been accredited as a Competent Communicator (CC) and has accomplished the level of Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) titles. You can find more information in his blog.