Dr. Willie Smits visited the SCAU

Speaking to 70 students and faculty members from the College of Forestry, South China Agricultural University (SCAU), Dr. Smits presented first-hand information on how the emerging economy of China also linked to the devastation of Indonesia’s natural beauty and the livelihood of the Dayak, aborigines from the country.

China’s developing economy and need for lots of resources from abroad have great impact on my country. Coal, palm oil, rubber, etc., all of these products are impacting nature’s survival in Indonesia in ways that do not benefit the wildlife. I believe, in the long-term, their impact will also be negative for the local people.

Very  thoughtful questions related to people-wilidfe relationships and sugar tapping for community restorations were asked by students as they were interested in these experiences for conservations in China – one of the most severely deforested countries in the world.

Great hospitality by Prof. Xue-Ying Zhuang from the SCAU and to Dr Willie Smits and Dr Billy Hau from the University of Hong Kong, who helped arrange the lecture, and myself. SCAU is one of the most Southerly Institutes in China, which provides Forestry education with a 20-hectare arboretum (size of 20 all-weather athletics tracks) located within the campus – one of the largest green areas in Guangzhou with more than 1000 species of trees for teaching and recreation.