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The Double Deckers – Bus, Tram and Ferry

Transportations in Hong Kong are usually double deckers. Here’s how you could enjoy.

Bus No. 15 Central Pier – The Peak

Forget about the Peak Tram, I recommend you to try bus No. 15 from Central to the Peak.

Part of the fun is the road to the top is long and winding. Sitting in front of the upper deck, you will feel the thrill of drifting left and right when the bus take very sharp turns as it snakes through the road to the top. Be prepared!

Along the way, you will be able to see the city view of Hong Kong. From surrounded by skyscrapers gradually dwarfing the buildings to see all of them standing on both side of the harbour. There will be times the view blocked by trees so better standby for snaps. I also find both daytime and nighttime are same gorgeous in experiencing the journey. Make sure you sit tight and grab the handle. 😉

This bus ride and it will cost you $9.8. For more details, this is the bus route.


Taking a tram ride is one of the most transformative ways to experience Hong Kong, bringing you back into history. The tramline itself marked the original coastline of Hong Kong that now buried deep in the city. The design of trams seem never change from the old days, only recently they start to modernize few of those fitted with air conditioning. Do try to look for a small knot on the floor once you alight and step on it! It will make the “Ding Ding” noise which we affectionately nicknamed the tram “Ding Ding”.

So why put a “horn” at the back of a tram you might ask? If you look around closely, you will see the same driving system in the back as in the front. The tram was designed to be able to control both ways so that the tram doesn’t need to “turn” after arriving the end of the line. As years go by, it seems that only one end is used, so it was left this way.

Tram will stop at every station and will cost you $2.3 per ride. For more details, you can find it here.


This is the ride I would recommend you to try both upper and lower deck. Riding the ferry cruising between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsular is the best way I know to immerse yourself in the cityscape of Hong Kong. If you want to see the city view from afar, try bus no. 15 mentioned above.

The swivel backrest of the ferry is something really unique, which makes the ferry no need to “turn” after docked at the piers on either side. While I think the city light show is rather cheesy (aka Symphony of Lights), I guess it would be best to take the ferry around 2000 to enjoy the show, instead of standing on either side of the harbour, elbowing rubbing with the crowds. This way, you can own both side while cursing in the middle of the harbor.

For the fare, depending on weekdays or weekends (including public holidays), it will cost you either $2.5 or $3.4 for the experience. More details here.